Drops of Inspiration - Serene your soul and transform your life!


Hello, my dear friends, good morning! Very good morning!

Starting, with great affection, as always, another Drop of Inspiration. May we, sometimes, with a little calmer, stop to think about life, our relationship with the rush that we live, unbridled, on a daily basis. Let's talk, a little bit, about this today? How is your pace of life, usually? Are you as those people who always live running, saying that you never have time to do the things that are up to you? Do you have to deal with several activities as work out and at home?

Many people take care of family, others study. There'are people whose job is to deal with the lack of a job, with the unemployment challenge. How does it work, inside you? I know that we, usually, think a lot about our day, in terms of commitments volume. My question is: how does it work inside your mind and heart?

I remember Jesus's speech that I like to repeat, whenever it's possible. Christ told us: "Therefore don't worry about tomorrow. For tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own". It's in Matthew 6, verse 34. When we talk about this balanced internal state of mind, does it mean that the world, out here, will be calm?

Of course, not! Balanced people aren't those who live life to the marvels, where everything works: everyone answers their calls, all bills are paid, no relative is difficult, or all their dreams come true. Of course, it's not like this! Quiet and calm people are those who have learned how to deal with the difficulties on a daily basis. They're people who don't stop doing what they must, despite the outside noise. I don't know if you're realizing it but, today, purposely, I'm recording the Drop of inspiration near an avenue, that's very noisy. I imagine you're listening to other sounds, noises, or horns, sometimes, people pass and speak louder, but that's an example. The fact that there's noise outside, here, doesn't mean that I can't talk to you, working the peace that fits me inside. The street won't stop and people won't stop talking because I want to record the Drop, in silence. I must seek my inner silence. This is just a metaphor and a comparison!

That's why meditation is a very irresistible invitation. Why? 

Because when you learn to meditate, even if the moment of your life is turbulent, and things are not right, outside, you can calm down, be quiet, dive into your body's frame, and get in touch with your soul's peace. Of course, this ends up giving you much more serenity than you've had, initially. It's a matter of practice. Thus, enjoy your Sunday and remember that world, out there, is going to be the picture of the world, inside. Even if things are agitated, outside, it doesn't mean that inside they must be, as well. When I was younger - I always like to tell this story - I was very anxious. For me, everything had to happen yesterday, at noon. There was always a rush to do many things. There was neither quality nor wisdom to live, every moment. I always justified my inner turmoil with the world outside. "I've been charged for results, so I must work", "I'm like this because of the traffic", "I'm like this because of the family". It was such a lie! It was nothing like that!

I was like that because of myself, and I couldn't deal with the rush, outside. A friend, more than 20 years ago, told me just this: "Ricardo, the world, outside, won't suit you. This is your ego. Learn how to be in peace, regardless of the world, outside". I said: "OK, how"?

And then, my whole meditation and inner diving stories start, that's nothing more than a choice. Remember: happiness and unhappiness, peace and serenity are not fruits of chance, they don't happen by accident, but a result of well-made choices that we're learning how to do, in the course of our lives. So today's Drop of Inspiration wants to invite you to stop, a little, take a deep breath, see this whole non-sense turmoil that, sometimes, you keep in your heart, hiding from yourself. Don't do it! Take some silent moments so that you can meditate and talk to God. Really! Calm down! It's better you watch from a distance! Agitated people are similar to those on the ground floor of a building. Lucid and serene people are like those who, in the same building, is on the 15th floor. They see everything from a higher and deeper dimension. By the way, of course, that's what I wish you, today. OK? May God bless and inspire you!

May your spiritual friends help you work the serenity inside yourself. May you have, for sure, a beautiful and very special day and week! Mankind needs people more balanced and harmonious. Naturally, everything around you will be harmonious, as well. Light and peace!

And you already know: with more inner peace with inner lightness, see you soon, see you very, very soon.